Veneers – well-known dental procedure



One well-known dental procedure is dedicated to veneers. It is performed when a dentist makes a thin porcelain’s cover which is supposed to fit on the front part of a patient’s tooth. There are cases when a dentist uses a special natural – color material and not porcelain.


In dentistry, veneers are used to improve not only the color, but also the shape and teeth’s position. If one tooth has a color which differs from the color of the others, then porcelain should be chosen carefully. You need not have to worry if you chip one of your teeth. There are cases when a veneer makes a tooth which is chipped to look once again like a whole tooth.


Nowadays, patients invest a lot of time and money so that they have a perfect smile. Veneers can be used in the function of lightening all front patient’s teeth, which is aesthetically very important. In that way, the teeth of a patient may look both healthy and natural.


The procedure of putting veneers in practice lasts two visits to your dentist. During the first one, the tooth is prepared and the shade is matched. In the second one, veneers are fitted. The dentist usually shows his patient how the veneers will look on his teeth before he bonds them in the place. It is important to say that special adhesive is used in the process of bonding a veneer. It is because it holds the veneer firmly on the surface of the patient’s tooth.


Veneers are expected to last a lot of time. But, they can chip or break, like natural teeth, too. In that case, the patient should pay a visit to his dentist and try to solve the issue in the best possible way.