Endodontics is an inseparable part of dentistry


Endodontics is a well-known procedure in dentistry. Its name, as names of a lot of dental and medical procedures, has its roots in the Greek language. The name ‘endodontics’ originates from the Greek language. It is composed of two Greek words. One is ‘endo’ which means ‘inside’. The other one is ‘odont’ which is translated as ‘tooth’.

Endodontics is an inseparable part of dentistry. Actually, it is one important branch of dentistry which is connected with dental pulp and also with the tissues which are placed around the base or root of a tooth.

‘Root canal treatment’ is the other name for endodontics. During this dental activity, what is treated is the soft pulp tissue which is placed inside the tooth of a patient. It is obvious that this procedure is very serious. The level of caution should be the highest one. Both the dental specialist and his patient are supposed to be concentrated while completing the endodontics.

The specialist who performs the root canal treatment or endodontics is named ‘endodontist’. His main dental work is to do everything to save patient’s tooth which is under the endodontics.

In practice, a tooth which has been included in the endodontics can last for many years. But, there are some specific cases when after this endodontics the treated tooth is not cured and it becomes infected.

To avoid this sensitive procedure, one should pay special attention to the dental hygiene of his mouth. Only with regular and appropriate tooth brushing and visiting the family dentist, teeth will be in the best possible condition.