About Extractions



Extraction is one of the very significant procedures which are often used in dentistry. To ‘extract’ or to ‘take out’ the tooth from the mouth is a dental treatment which is common.


Extractions are not done without any reason. It is believed that there are a lot of key factors which usually influence the decision that a tooth should be extracted. However, what is vital for a dentist in the process of extraction is to have a good communication with his patient. The opinion of the dentist is one thing, whereas the final decision about the tooth extraction is on the patient, who is the ‘owner’ of a tooth.


Extractions have been a very controversial theme in orthodontics. There are several factors which lead to a decision about the extraction. They are connected with the medical history of a patient and oral hygiene which has not been done correctly. Moreover, there are some other extremely significant factors which can lead to extractions. The rates of caries and teeth’s quality are also very important in the process of extraction. Of course, the opinion of the dentist is crucial in this situation.


The entire extractions procedure should be planned and performed carefully. In any case, after this procedure, it is advisable that the patient takes proper antibiotics.  

The teeth which are heavily restored or those with caries are supposed to be extracted. Today, there are many cases when teeth which are of abnormal size or shape are extracted because of the entire look of the patient’s mouth.