Dentist Herndon

David Page 12/16/2020

” I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Jassal. He has treated me with the best of care and concern for my dental health. I have no hesitation to recommend Dr. Jassal & Herndon Family Dental to anyone who is seeking the best dental care available. Thank you so much for years of excellent care. Please don’t move away. “

LG 12/05/2020

“Our whole family has been seeing Dr. Jassal for many years after spending several years looking for a dental provider we could trust. He has always provided not only technically wonderful service (he fixed a cosmetic veneer and old crown very well), but he has also has always been friendly, helpful, and professional. He puts in extra time and care into all his work and our family is very grateful. We are so lucky to have found such a fantastic dentist that we highly and enthusiastically recommend to anyone and everyone! “

Sasidharan Nair 12/04/2020

“Myself and my wife are patients of Dr. Jassal for the past 15 years. Dr. Jassal is professionally competent and very considerate to his patients. We never encountered any issues in getting an appointment with his practice. We have no hesitation in recommending his practice to a prospective customer. “

Arun Panjabi 12/02/2020

” have been with Dr. Jassal for almost 10 years. All Procedures like routine, surgery, extraction and fillings are performed by him. Family type environment. Very courteous staff. Lucky to have him as my doctor. “

IA 11/24/2020

 ” My wife and I, for the last 10 years are patients because Dr. Jassal and his team have been very professional and both of us are very comfortable, the way they take care of us. We will keep on coming, we feel comfortable and happy, the way they treat us, and we are so thankful for their dedication. “

Mark Tappan 11/20/2020

” Dr. Jassal is fantastic dentist with a great family practice. I have complete faith in his diagnostic & dental care. His front office is very efficient & friendly. They handle all the stress of dealing with insurance claims. I highly recommend Herndon Family Dental. “

SK 11/20/2020

” Very good experience. Professional, kind and through.”

Richard Tucker 11/19/2020

” I and my family have been patients of Dr. Jassal since 1998. The length of our relationship speaks for itself. The service and the expertise at Herndon Family Dental has been exceptional in every way. I give them my highest recommendation.”

John S. Grimaldi 8/24/2017

” To begin with the office at the entrance desk is Anna, a very personable lady, that makes you feel welcome. The young lady, Becca, who is the dental assistant is not only competent in all areas but also makes you feel that you know her a long time, and the most important part of this office is the dentist, Dr. Raman Jassal. In my personal opinion, he has the knowledge, character, and personality and the ability to make you feel confident in continuing with your treatment. People in need should remember the Herndon Family Dental headed by Dr. Raman Jassal.”

AB 10/7/2015

” I love Dr. Jassal’s office! Dr. Jassal makes appointments pleasant and gives great tips on how to care for your teeth, and explains all the steps he is taking and what he is looking for. Booking appointments and payments are hassle free and the whole office is friendly. I highly recommend him!”

Cammi Williams 09/21/2015

” I had an emergency dental situation and Dr. Dorjee was amazing! She made such a painful situation, comfortable and easy. I have transferred my entire family to Dr. Dorjee at Herndon Family Dental. Everyone, including my children, has no hesitation about going to the dentist now. That is huge to me as a mother! Thanks so much Dr. Dorjee and staff at Herndon Family Dental”

RSS 3/20/2014

” I was referred to Dr. Jassal by Northern Virginia Family Services for discounted dental services. He reduced his fee 50% so I could receive a much-needed crown. I can not tell you how grateful I am for his willingness to do so. There is no way I would have afforded his services without his generosity. With him it is not just about the money……he really cares. Where can you find a dentist like that this day and age?  I would highly recommend him and his staff for your dental needs!”

C.L. 06/27/2013

 ” Dr.Neelam Dube did a wonderful job drilling my mouth without leaving anything behind. Pleased with her meticulous job in preserving my rotten and hopeless teeth. Great job  Dr.Neelam. Thank goodness there are still few professional and caring, tooth drilling doctors out there.“

K.P. 1/10/2013

” After his visit with Dr. Neelam Dube, K.P. writes: “The service is excellent and doctors are helpful in communicating details of the service.“

Melissa Brigham 12/20/2012

” Dr. Jassal and his staff are amazing! I live in Fredericksburg, VA and will take that drive just to come to the Herndon office. Best D.D.S. and staff in VA. They are very gentle and kind. Always a great visit, you feel like family at Herndon Family Dental.“

Susan G. Lambert 12/7/2012

” We have been patients of Dr. Jassal for 25 years since we first moved to Virginia. We have always received the best, personal attention and care throughout that time. Our daughter referred to her employer who was having a dental emergency. Dr. Jassal fit him into his schedule immediately, and it’s our understanding that the employer left his long time dentist to become a regular patient of Dr. Jassal. Our daughter with special needs has always been made to feel especially comfortable by Dr. Jassal’s pleasant and calm manners..“

Kevin L. Treadwell, Minister 12/5/2012

” Dr. Raman K. Jassal is an excellent dentist. He is very personable and kind. he makes you feel at ease. I used to hate going to the dentist until I started going to Herndon Family Dental and met Dr. Jassal. He took care of my dental needs in a professional and pain-free manner. I have been coming ever since and have recommended all of my friends and family to use the Herndon Family Dental. The staff will treat you with respect and a spirit of excellence. I recommend you contact them and see for yourself.“

Mary Lou F. 6/21/2012

” I have been a patient of Dr. Jassal’s for 15 years. He is a wonderful dentist–very gentle, explains each procedure thoroughly and is very patient. I would recommend him highly.“

Barbara J. 5/4/2012

” Dear Dr. Jassal: I really meant to get this note to you sooner, but I have been so busy looking in the mirror at the exceptional “work of art” you performed on my front tooth restoration. Larry and I could not be any happier with the extraordinary service we have always received from you and your staff. You are the best! Best regards.“

LMS, 7/30/2010

” When I went to Herndon Family Dental, I was overwhelmed with the state of my dental problems. I neglected my mouth for years so I had several teeth pulled, loose fillings, and decaying teeth. I was not able to smile or chew food properly, which greatly affected my self-confidence , self- esteem, and oral hygiene. I went to two other dentists before Dr. Jassal but they were not able to come up with a cost effective solution to fix my teeth. I left frustrated and embarrassed. After setting up a consultation with Herndon Family Dental, Dr. Jassal addressed me with kindness and consideration. Ultimately he came up with a plan of action, affordable payments to suit my financial needs and then a goal for my oral health. Dr. Jassal did a cleaning, two fillings and an extraction. He was able to ultimately fit me for a flexi partial for the teeth I was lacking. The flexi partial is constructed perfectly and absolutely undetectable. I am so pleased with the overall experience. Dr. Jassal and his staff were able to give me the boost of confidence I needed. Thank you for giving me my smile back.“

Jocelyn Kwon 12/3/2009

” I have been a long time patient of Dr. Jassal. He is always kind and answers all of my questions. Thanks to him I have a beautiful smile again!“

John N. 11/4/2009

” I have really enjoyed the visit. Dr. Jassal, Janet, and of course Judy have been the best. Always pleasant, very professional and Dr. Jassal has been great in getting me on the best process to good dental care. Would recommend his services to anyone looking for a great dentist.“

Michele Bradley 4/30/2009

 “Dr. Jassal is God sent!“

Joan Cannon 2/11/2009

” These dentists and staff are a class act. I encourage you to try them as they are the best you are going to find.“

Shirley P. 2/3/2009

” Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate the expedient manner in which you repaired my denture. I have felt better after receiving it back then I have since it was broken. Thank you very much.“

Christine J. Simpson. 2/2/2009

” Dr. Nelatoor took time and listened to my daughters and their wishes as for as how they wanted their treatment to be handled. That made all of us feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Nelatoor was quick, efficient and explained what she was doing. As for as fillings go, this was the best experience I have ever had, and I have had a lot. I highly recommend Dr. Nelatoor for your whole family.“

Felix A. Castillo. 1/14/2009

” I have been Dr. Jassal’s patient for 20 years and hope to be for the next 20. He had fabricated and installed a “Maryland” bridge which has been trouble-free since he installed it in 1989. His explanations are thorough and informative. I recommend him highly to all.“

August Kocher, 1/16/2009

” Excellent! My daughter and I have been seeing Dr. Jassal for years. I’ve recommended him to 3 of my friends, who have all been pleased with their treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Jassal.“

Charles Siegfried. 1/14/2009

” Doctor Jassal has been our dentist for 20 years. he has provided the best dental care for my family. He is always concerned about his clients. We have a handicapped son and Doctor Jassal has always taken excellent care of him often coming to the office on a weekend. We would recommend Doctor Jassal to anyone who needs dental care.“

Lisa Greenleaf and Katie Greenleaf. 1/15/2009

Our family has been coming to Dr. Jassal’s office for the past few years to get our teeth cleaned and it’s been a very positive experience. Even my husband doesn’t complain about going to the Dentist anymore. Dr. Jassal and Dr. Nelatoor are very thorough, gentle and pleasant.
Recently after getting two other estimates for braces to fix the gaps in Katies’ teeth, Dr. Jassal said he could fix that. He recommended Invisalign and within 5 months she has a perfect smile. We are all so pleased with the results and it was amazingly painless. We love coming here. Everyone is so nice and happy.”

S. Bailey 1/7/2009

” Dr. Jassal has been treating my family for over 19 years. The service we have received during these years was excellent. I trust Dr. Jassal’s recommendations and find the office staff very efficient and friendly. I highly recommend Herndon Family Dental. If you are looking for a new dentist, give Dr. Jassal a call.“

Kim Milenski 12/30/2008

” I have been a patient of Dr. Jassal’s for over fifteen years. My children are also under his care as well. Dr. Jassal is a wonderful, very caring dentist and it shows every time we visit. I would not consider going to anyone else!“

Tina R. 12/26/2008 review posted at Yelp.com

” Dr. Raman Jassal, you’re my hero.
I came in as an emergency on Christmas eve morning due to my wisdom tooth giving me major troubles. well, it turned out that I had gum and tissue flap over my tooth so I couldn’t even reach the bacteria to clean it up. gross, I know. he saw me on the whim. numbed me up. burnt that shit off and batta boom batta bing, out.
gave me some good strong pain meds and to my folk’s place I went to spend the rest of Christmas eve laid out on their couch.
Dr. Jassal has been my dentist since I was a kid. I even worked for him as the receptionist for a short stint in my yesteryears. he’s never steered me wrong and has always gone out of his way to do the best he can to help a patient in need. he even called to check up on me on both Christmas eve and day.
albeit, I still can’t open my mouth all of the ways nor chew solid foods, feeling a ton better and the pain has subsided substantially.
thank you, Dr. Jassal. your valuable time and being able to see me at a moment’s notice has not gone unnoticed. and for this, I would give you so many more than 5 stars, if only I could.
a merry Christmas, indeed!“